Preparing Your Car for Shipping in California

There are over 31,349,073 vehicles in California. Almost every household owns a car. As a result, moving to a new home might require car shipping.

Several car shipping companies operate in California, which means there is no shortage of options to pick from. Getting the best California car transport is the thought that occupies the mind of most people. However, there is something important they tend to neglect.

One of the most crucial things you need to do while getting ready to ship your vehicle is to prepare it. Failing to prepare your automobile may complicate the shipping procedure, increase your costs, and perhaps cause damage to your vehicle. We will, therefore, provide you with instructions that will help you prepare your vehicle for transportation in California so that you don’t encounter any of these.

Clean the Car

One horrible error that many make is shipping their car without first washing it. You are not supposed to follow suit. Make sure you clean your vehicle well before having the company pick it up from the terminal or your house.

You might be wondering why this is significant. Well, cleaning your vehicle will make any paint chips, scratches, and dents visible that were previously hidden by filth or dirt. This enables the automobile to be thoroughly inspected by the carrier before shipping. There won’t be any misleading claims that cause disagreement from either side when there is a clear picture.

Carefully Examine the Vehicle

Checking for damage to the vehicle is the next step. As previously mentioned, cleaning the vehicle will make any damage visible. Make sure you record the location of the damages.

You should take close-up pictures of the car as you examine it. It’s also important to record the date of the inspection. If there is any damage to your automobile, you will be able to get compensation thanks to this documentation.


Take Personal Items Out

Whatever occurs to your vehicle is the responsibility and liability of vehicle shipping providers. You can click here to see tips on how to file an auto insurance claim. They do not, however, bear liability for the contents stored within. This implies that if something you leave inside is taken, you won’t get paid.

Make sure to take out all of your personal belongings before the shipping starts to prevent losses. Removing toll tags and add-ons is also a smart idea. You also have to turn off the automobile’s alarm system. By doing this, you can avoid having your vehicle cause any problems when it’s being shipped.

Tighten or Take Out Loose Parts

Lights and racks for off-roading driving are examples of loose or removable external components that need to be fastened or removed. Ensure you fasten the top on convertibles, if that’s what you’re shipping. This is a crucial step because these automobile parts have the potential to damage both your car and other automobiles on the transport carrier.

Moreover, your vehicle’s height can be raised using these removable pieces. Consequently, the car is now bigger than it usually is. As a result, the shipping firm will charge extra because the cost increases with size.

Perform Maintenance Check

Do not ship your automobile without doing a normal maintenance check. Ensure everything is operating as it should. This will spare you from dealing with problems upon delivery, particularly in the case of terminal deliveries.

Do not hesitate to notify the shipping firm if there is a problem that you are unable to resolve, possibly due to the approaching pickup time. They will use specialist equipment to transport the vehicle if it is not able to move by itself. However, note that doing so will increase the overall cost.

You should check the levels of coolant and oil, tires pressure and tread, and battery charge. If you follow these maintenance checks, transporting your car in and out of California becomes risk-free and seamless.  You can visit for a detailed maintenance checklist. It’s crucial to record the mileage on your automobile both before and after delivery.

The mileage on your car may increase somewhat when you receive it. You don’t need to bother about this because throughout the trip, the truck driver may need to unload and reload the automobile. Only when the increase is substantial can you file a complaint.

Verify the Gas Level

Check the gas level in your automobile before shipping it off. It is required that the car is very light, therefore you don’t need to fill up the tank completely. As a result, fill the tank only halfway. This ought to be plenty for the driver to load and unload it as needed.

For electric vehicle owners, all you have to do is make sure your electric vehicle is charged to a point between 45% and 65%. Remember to have the charging wires handy in case the electric vehicle requires charging. Most manufacturers recommend adhering to this safety rule.


The steps above will help you prepare your automobile for shipping in California. We also suggest keeping an extra set of keys on hand. It’s possible that the trucker lost the key during transit, and you’ll need the spare to use your automobile.

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