Effective Techniques for Local SEO in Real Estate

Real estate as a local business can get excessively competitive, and ensuring you have proper SEO strategies in place can help you beat the competition.

SEO for real estate agents is valuable in order to get an audience over a broad range of areas, but it can also be optimized for a local area if your business needs it – real estate is that type of business. 

Local SEO Techniques for Real Estate

Let’s look into some of the steps of local SEO for real estate agents.

Local Keyword Targeting 

An important aspect of local SEO is ensuring that your business is targeting local keywords for SEO in real estate

However, once you do find your keywords, make sure not to spam them in there, rather subtly and aptly place them in where they fit. This can include headers and titles. It also reflects well on your site to have keywords in your core website pages such as homepage, contact page, about us page, etc. 

Content Production

Creating content such as blogs and articles are important for any website SEO strategy. However, making sure you create content that is useful is important. When it comes to targeting the local area, make sure to state the area and cater the content to the people in the area.

When people in the area search up issues for it, yours should be the first to come up and knowing you are a resident or specialize in that region, it will help garner more attention as people will be more trusting of locals.

Google Business Profile

Google business profiles are key when it comes to SEO strategy. The first thing that pops up when people search up listings is the google business profile listings. 

It also helps to know that every realtor can set up their google business profile, which ensures that you can stand apart from other businesses by building yours out uniquely.

Google business profiles also help build authority for people and if another competitor ranks below you organically but has a better google business profile, potential clients might move to them instead of you.

Make sure to properly create your profile by providing accurate business information such as business name and address, alongside providing high quality images and videos.

Knowing how your business looks and where it is will give people a sense of comfort and you will seem more reliable.

Building Links

Ensuring your website is a reliable source of information is key in order to build authority to it. Search engines require your website to have authority and they determine it by checking a lot of factors, and links are one of them.

All of your blogs and articles should have backlinks for doing proper SEO in real estate, and they need to include both links from your website and links to other authoritative websites. 

It also is important to create quality information so that people will want to link your website to their blogs or articles.

Citations and NAP Consistency

There are certain types of information which are very important for your business and they are the local citations and NAP.

Local citations are your business’ information which also includes NAP – business name, business address and business phone number.

All this information not only needs to be correctly placed but also properly placed throughout your website. 

Accurate information being properly placed throughout your google profile and website can help you massively increase the rankings on a search engine. 


These are some of the ways in which you can optimize your business to run efficiently and properly – while also having a significant rise in online presence in your local area. 

Creating an audience with your local area can help your business grow very well, alongside the benefit of people knowing who you are and you having intimate knowledge of the area itself.